Ole Abe

Testimony from Tanya Woloshin: Forever grateful for Ole Abe.

Ole Abe came to ACES in pretty sad shape. Besides being very old, he had a testicular tumor, chronic bronchitis, severe dental disease, and a mitral valve heart murmur (one of the worst I've ever heard), he was seriously underweight, and he was in all around poor health. He is mostly blind and mostly deaf, and he has advanced arthritis in both hips and knees. In short, most people would never have taken Abe in when he was released to the Ohio municipal shelter for euthanasia.

But ACES did! And I have the most loving companion a girl could ever want! I have put Abe on a carefully managed nutrition and exercise program which has really paid off. He looks and feels 200% better than he did 18 months ago! His medical conditions are managed well now, and he has really come to life. The specialists here didn't really believe he would be able to have any kind of quality of life, but Abe has really thrived on all of the love and attention, and is enjoying every day to the fullest. The transformation has impressed everyone, including me.

Though it seems that an older dog with medical problems would be a lot of trouble, I have found Abe to be the easiest dog I have ever adopted. His manners are impeccable. He fit so well into my household because he is just such an agreeable chap! I haven't had to do any training at all.

It is true that there is no guarantee that Abe will stay around for years, I don't think that is what matters. You can see the appreciation and contentment in his face when he is curled up on the couch next to me, soaking in the attention. Every time we go to the park I can see the pure joy on this dog's face and the happiness just to be able to stick his nose up in the air and trot around. He is my cat's best friend and a steady companion for my other dog. We enjoy having him so much. He reminds us that it is not how many days in your life, but how much life in your days that matter.

Thank you for taking a chance on this older gentleman and allowing us to have him in our lives. I am ever grateful.