Transporting Dogs

BarkleyTransport help is essential to a national rescue program like ACES. In order to move dogs from one geographic location to another, from shelters to foster care, or from foster care to loving forever homes, ACES relies on volunteer transport help. Without willing drivers, ACES would have no way to move dogs from state to state, and our success would be greatly diminished.

BethTransporters take turns driving a needy dog from place A to place B, handing off the dog from one driver to the next, until the dog is safely in its new location. In rescue lingo, these are called legs. Transport legs are generally 1-2 hours in duration. ACES makes every effort to give transporters as much information about the dog being moved as possible, including details like age, vaccination status, activity level, and whether or not the dog needs a crate.

StuartLittleACES always needs volunteers to drive.  Even if there isn't a transport organized, it doesn't mean there isn't a dog out there that needs to move. If you are driving on a trip and have room for a dog, please email the address below to see if there might be a dog you can help transport along the way.

If you are interested in helping to drive transports in your area, please complete the Volunteer Form.  Please include your name, location (city, state), e-mail address and home/cell phone numbers.