When Sport first came to our home as a foster from the shelter, he was a bit of a bully to other dogs. A game of chase could quickly turn into a playground brawl. We saw the beauty and good in this lost boy who didn't play well with others. Sport soon became one of our own and our only "foster failure." Since then, Sport has become an integral part of our pack.  He still doesn't quite know how to play with other dogs, but Sport gets into the spirit of things by running around in big crazy circles.
Sport loves to run so much; he hasn't slowed down much over the last 8 years with us. Sport and his sister Lily enjoy the outdoors. He has traded his "flat-lander" birding skills for a fascination with the abundance of chipmunks in our Colorado backyard. Fortunately, he's not as adept at catching the chipmunks as he was skilled at bird hunting. Sport once caught two robins at the same time in Kansas.
At the end of the day, Sport spends his evenings in his favorite chair with dad. He has earned relaxation rights after a full day of activity. To our chagrin, Sport loves to get up at the crack of dawn. Whenever the sun rises, so does Sport! It's been our honor and delight to watch our grumpy adolescent blossom into the sweetest mature setter.