Vanna celebrated her sixth Gotcha Day in Masssapequa Park on November 10. Vanna is quite content with her life and lives it to the fullest. No matter if it's going for her daily walks (especially in the nearby preserve or occasional jaunts to Sagamore Hill), checking out the critters in the yard, or enjoying the comforts of the house, Vanna is a happy and eager participant!

Chow time is one of her all-time favorite activities, so much so that she reminds us what time it is if we're a few minutes late in preparing her breakfast or supper. Always a polite and friendly lady, Vanna has made many friends, both human and canine, young and old, in the neighborhood, but has never quite figured out what cats are all about.

Vanna gave her family quite a scare in 2016 when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Her daily herbal therapy has kept the disease in remission and her blood counts have been excellent. Vanna is her old happy self and enjoys her home and all that goes with it. She tells us every day with her many A-Roooooooos! Vanna continues to be a wonderful dog, friend, and companion and life wouldn't be the same without her.