Fantasia has been with me for almost five years. Every moment is an adventure with this wild, loving girl.

Fanny loves to learn and her eyes light up when she knows it is time for class, time to learn and use her smarts. We have taken manners, tricks, agility and rally classes. We hope to start back up with Rally and perhaps even compete later in the year. Another of Fanny's favorite activities is wallowing in her kiddie pool. I set the pool out after last frost in the spring and it is available until well after the first fall frost. She runs laps along the fence looking for critters, then plops in her pool to cool down.

Fanny enjoys her daily walks. She has a few "Boyfriends" which is a group of older men that walk around the school we walk at. She can spot them a couple blocks away and our walk becomes the Iditarod as we rush to greet her friends. This is in sharp contrast to when we started our journey together. In the beginning she was frightened of people approaching us so we developed a 50' rule; when someone approached, we would move 50' off to the side of the path. Now we occasionally have to move off the path but it is just about 20' if it is someone she doesn't know.

Fanny is a true love!  Each morning we start with snuggles when the alarm goes off.  Fanny then rolls around on the bed pushing her little sister (Flora Lu- a French Brittany) and I out of the bed. In the evenings after she has run the last yard patrol, she likes to snuggle on the couch until bedtime. Fanny is a homebody.  Other than class and walks in the neighborhood, she likes to be in her own yard chasing birds and chipmunks or just lounging under the trees.

This girl is the perfect setter - all kinds of crazy play, then in an instant, she is snuggling up for loves. I am so glad I found Another Chance for English Setters and my lovely girl Fantasia!