Emily (ACES Zephyr) became part of the family July 4th 2014 (which is now her birthday) and it has been nothing but joy from that moment on. She is absolutely the happiest girl (four legged) that I have ever been around. She is a smiling, tail wagging, running around girl. When I am out walking her people always stop (even in their cars) and comment about how happy and energetic she is. In fact anytime we are out and people look over at her they automatically smile! By the way it does not hurt that she is gorgeous.

I am fortunate to work from home when I am not traveling so she gets two to three long walks a day, which she loves and needs. At least during one of those walks I can take her to an area where I can let her off her leash and boy does she love it. She just runs and runs and runs. She also has a second home in Amelia Island Florida, which is her favorite place because we are only a three minute walk to the beach. Although she has to be kept on a leash we have a special 50 foot leash (yellow ski rope) that is great because it allows her to really run around. In fact when she sees the yellow leash come out for a walk she almost comes out of her skin she is so excited.

Like most dog households most of the furniture is covered so she has multiple places to lay and sleep  including her very lush dog bed with the big bolster. However, I think her favorite place is up in the bed in the morning with her mom and dad enjoying morning cuddle time. She will jump up once she hears us stir and she immediately squirms in between us so she can be petted by two sets of hands. After cuddle time it is downstairs for breakfast and then off for the morning walk and then a post walk nap. She has a great routine and she has trained us very well.

The only challenging part of Emily's life is her cat brother Atticus. My wife Penny and I met in 2015 and moved into together in 2016 and so Emily got a new brother. Atticus is not mean but he can be a little testy at times and every now and then when he walks by Emily he will paw at her, which rightly so she does not care for. I try to get her to dog up by chasing Atticus myself but she prefers to keep her distance and does not join in the fun.

In all she has a great life but what is most wonderful is how happy and loving she is. She has been a bright spot in my life from the first day and I thank the dedicated ACES volunteers for helping her find her way into my life.