It is with heavy hearts that we announce the sudden and unexpected passing of Murdoch (ACES Melvyn) on Saturday, October 4, 2104, aged 9 years. Even though he was with us just shy of three years, he packed every minute of those years with so much love and energy that our lives are forever changed by him.

Murdoch was the sibling two of our other dogs Lincoln (ACES M-litter's Merlin) and Marlee (ACES M-litter's Marlene), and little brother to (ACES ES) Lizzie. He brought an extra measure of life into our pack. Even though we still have three dogs in the house, it is suddenly very quiet without him. He did everything with all of his heart putting such sincere, earnest effort into all of life. He seemed to always be giving everything his very best effort. It is difficult to put into words what a great dog he was. He loved everyone and simply assumed that everyone loved him back. And to be loved by Murdoch was no small thing. He was passionate in all he did.

We will especially miss how unique he was. He did all the ordinary things a dog loves to do; run, play fetch, greet newcomers and share affection - but he did all of these with a strong, pure heart. A heart that has left a hole in ours.

Although we gave him all that we could for the short while that we had him, we are overwhelmed by the feeling that we would have liked to give him so much more.

Farewell, sweet boy. Until we meet again...

Mark and Glenda
ACES Lizzie, Lincoln and Marlee