Acey Halford: 20???? – Aug 3, 2015  

Acey came to us in 2005 as a beautiful but damaged English setter rescued by ACES – “Another Chance for English Setters”. He was an internet adoption that gave us more in this life than we could have imagined!! For those of you who do not know the breed English Setter – they are wise, birdy, fast, athletic and oh soooo sweet. Acey came into his own via Capo his younger and smaller brother who taught him the ways of the world – “You are ok and I am going to take care of you so you can raise your tail and be confident!!”  

Acey embodied pure unabashed love and joy more than any being I have ever known.  For those of you who have not known the unconditional love of a being like Acey, I highly recommend you try it even knowing the pain and sorrow you will feel, as we do, upon their passing.  Our dear creatures have taught us so much about love but especially his guy who could not wait to get in my lap and patted me steadily until I truly hugged him and sniffed me to tell me he was my companion for life. Acey the unafraid of bears warrior, Acey the galumphing joyous boy, Acey the lover of the couch, Art and the fiddle, Acey the energy man even in his advanced years, Acey the sweetness and above all Acey the lover.  We miss you so so much and wish you well on your journey across Rainbow Bridge hopefully to greet us on the other side when our time comes. We love you eternally.

Mommy and Daddy and brother Capo.