Luke Mayfield

A tribute to Luke from his Mom, Shirley:

“Throw some water on the fire, it’s time to go home, the hunt here is over.”  (unknown)

“I can see my Grandfather, dog whistle in hand, in a tree-lined pasture, running the dogs. His Setters, Lady, Doug & Tippy are running with my Setters, Jim, Rhedd and now Luke.  The sky is crystal clear, the air is crisp, and the birds are plentiful.

Gentle Spirit,
Strong Character,
Loyal & Wise,
A true Southern Gentleman…
A Rock Star,
that’s how I’m going to remember him.

Luke came to me in the fall of 2003 from ACES. He was between 18 months & 3 years old. He left us on November 7, 2016. Little did I know in October 2003 what a special journey I was going on – if only Luke’s body could have continued to be as strong as his heart and spirit."