Lucy Loo

9/27/2014 Update
ACES said goodbye to Lucy Loo, another one of our Safe Haven Setters, at the end of September. Lucy was sick from the moment she came to ACES, suffering from congestive heart failure. Luckily, Lucy landed in a foster home dedicated to providing her with love and care. Lucy lived for six more months, surrounded by that love.

Lucy began having seizures in the middle of August. We decided to treat her with Phenobarbital and Valium and had hopes that her condition would stabilize. While the medication worked for a while, Lucy's condition continued to decline and her seizures worsened. Lucy's quality of life was diminishing. Lucy died on September 27, at her home surrounded by her loving foster family.

When ACES first heard about Lucy Loo, she was an energetic girl running on a woman's land in rural Kentucky after being pulled from a shelter.  Seems Lucy loved to run, she ended up at the shelter in the first place as a stray.  We were happy to bring Lucy into foster care and teach her the joy of staying put and being a family dog.

When Lucy was being transported to her new foster home, we heard that she was wheezing.  When her wheezing continued, and Lucy's energy seemed to wane, we took Lucy to the vet.  For the next month or so, the vet ordered blood work, X-rays, an ultrasound and an echocardiogram.  Sadly, Lucy was ultimately diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  Lucy's running days were over.  Lucy now spends her days resting on her bed and spending quiet time outside.  The good news is that Lucy does know the joy of being a family dog.  Her foster family is happy to keep her as a Safe Haven Setter.

Lucy is on medication to allow her heart to work more efficiently and to reduce the amount of fluid around her lungs.  The medication helps her to breathe better.  We will continue to keep Lucy comfortable as long as she needs us.  Her foster family loves her and is taking good care of her.  We are all happy that we could help Lucy when she needed us the most.


Pam Miller sends sweet Lucy Loo lots of gentle hugs and hopes she enjoys her peaceful naps and quiet time outside for a long time as an ACES Safe Haven Setter.