Fostering Dogs

Noel was scheduled to die at a shelter. This adorable pup was left, like so many others, to face certain death alone. Thankfully there was a foster home available, making it possible for ACES to save her. She was adopted by a loving family and now lives like a princess  ... all thanks to caring foster parents.

NoelACES can receive as many as 10 or more requests each week to help English Setters in need. We accept as many dogs as possible but if we don't have a foster home available, we must refuse those requests and leave the dog to an uncertain fate. You can help by offering to foster an English Setter.

English Setters come into the ACES program desperate for good care, guidance and above all, LOVE. We ask foster parents to provide a safe haven for the dog to heal, regain confidence and rebuild trust. Your job as a foster parent is to remind the dog how special he is while providing for his present needs and planning for his future. Nothing compares to the rewarding experience of watching an English Setter grow in mind, body and spirit.

ACES pays for routine veterinary care and supplies a collar, leash, microchip and ACES tags for each dog. You can also count on ACES for support, encouragement and mentoring. We ask that the foster home provide the dog's food, have a fenced area for the dog to run, and begin working on basic manners. Fostering an English Setter will give you the great satisfaction of knowing you have helped save the life of one of these magnificent canines.

Our greatest need is always for foster homes. Because we don't board dogs, but rather take them into our homes and get to know them, the number of dogs we take in is based on the number of available foster spots we have for them.  The more foster homes we have, the more setters we can save. We can't do it without you. Please consider becoming a foster home. There are at least a dozen sweet faces, just like Noel, awaiting your decision.

Become A Foster Home

To learn more about becoming an ACES foster home, please contact the Foster Care Team.

Ready to foster an English Setter?  Please complete a Foster Home Application.