Adopted: 2018-05-17

Clyde is about as joyful as they come. He has a beautiful, soft white coat and a tail that never stops wagging. This 3 year old pup is basically 53 pounds of setter sweetness.  He is gentle and patient with everyone, human and canine.  He has not been around cats.

Clyde is always up for playing.  He is extremely athletic and loves going on long hikes, swimming and playing with any dog, big or little, at the dog park.  After a long day of activity, he wants to curl up with his family to soak up their affection. Clyde has high demands for exercise so he would love an active family or a large yard for him to run.  He would really love an equally fun-loving pup waiting to play with him in his new home.

Clyde is happiest when he’s busy and enjoys being challenged mentally and physically.  When bored, Clyde turns to his own devices for entertainment.  Some may call it mischief; Clyde would call it beautifully crafted yard indentations.  Other than boredom digging, Clyde is well-behaved; he knows sit, down, stay and come. He never has accidents in the house and is trained on an invisible fence. He is gentle with kids and polite with other dogs.  Clyde will keep you entertained with his goofy spirit and absolute love for life.