Adopted: 2018-05-08

Smokey and Shotgun were hunting dogs that spent their lives in outdoor kennels until their family’s living situation changed and they came to ACES. These senior boys are now living in a house and learning how cozy a soft dog bed can be in front of the family room fireplace!


Smokey is the younger of the two boys at 9-11 years old and is a male blue field setter. Smokey is also bigger, weighing 45lbs. Smokey loves being out in the yard, searching the grasses for critters and sniffing at the air. He is a picture of setter beauty putting in his paces each day. He has learned to come back to the house when called and settles into his bed for a nap upon returning.


Smokey is in good health for a senior dog. He is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, and on heartworm and flea preventative. He also tested negative for tick-borne diseases. Smokey had a few benign growths removed from his skin. He is now on a good diet and he’s feeling better inside and out. Every morning, this boy starts his day bouncing with Tigger-like enthusiasm!


Smokey is good with people and other dogs. He’s an independent pup but appreciates any attention and loving that comes his way. It took Smokey a little longer than Shotgun to discover the comforts of home. He spent the first couple weeks sleeping by the back door. In addition to realizing how good a comfy bed feels, Smokey has quickly learned that treats can be had when his foster mom is in the kitchen so he makes sure he’s ready and waiting.


Smokey is house-trained and crate-trained.  He used to be crated at night but has earned the right to stay tucked in his comfy dog bed until morning. 


Smokey seems younger than his estimated age, especially when he is bouncing with joy each morning, flying around the backyard, or playing with his fabric bunny. Smokey has plenty of life to live and would love to spend that life with you.