Adopted: 2017-09-20

Dior, a beautiful female setter with a lovely feminine setter face, and one hazel and one blue eye, is sure to find a way into your heart. She enjoys being a part of a home and family, and has fit right in to her foster home. She gets along great with an older, blind foster setter brother, and a seven-year-old foster setter sister. The two girls love a good game of super-fast chase around the backyard. Dior will give you a roo-roo to invite you to join in the fun and will play for a couple of hours given the opportunity.

Dior is happy in the fenced yard. She does not seem particularly birdy. She is beautiful in motion and it is a pleasure just to watch her enjoy life. As with some rescued setters, she’s a little anxious moving around the house and going in- or outside. With coaxing and treat incentives, she is becoming more comfortable every day.

Once inside, Dior loves to lounge on the sofa, and if you want to join her, she will cuddle with you as long as you want. The sofa and crate are her “safe places” which she does need when she is in the house. She will do best in a household that is calm and peaceful, so a home without small children would be best for Dior.

Dior sleeps in her crate at night, and has not had an accident in her foster home. She enjoys a Nylabone that she keeps in the crate with her; however, she is willing to share both toys and food.

Dior eats well and is still deciding where she would like to take her meals. Right now, it’s either outside her crate or in the family room. She is a little nervous on leash, but she’ll love a good walk once she settles in. She rides in the car very well.

Dior will do best in a stable home with a family willing to be patient as she continues to overcome her shyness. Good exercise and romps in the backyard have helped her work out some of her anxiety. Like any setter, she does best with lots of exercise, so she will need a physical fence and space to run.

Dior has come a long way, but she still shows some anxiety from time to time. She needs people to love her and who are willing to commit to proving to her each day that life can be wonderful and there’s nothing to worry about. Dior will reward you with affection and a really wonderful doggie personality.

Dior will be a great family companion given the time, love and patience she needs. Her display of trust after only a few days in the foster home shows she is ready to embrace life as a forever part of your family. Dior will quickly find a place in your heart and home when given the chance to be loved and love back.