Adopted: 2010-12-31

Introducing the K litter…Kasey, Knuckles, and Kricket!  The pups in this litter were born on July 1. 

The K litter consists of two tricolors, who look very different, and a blue boy. They are an easy going group, always ready for a nap in a lap, but also very curious and the first to respond to some new sound, smell or happening.

At five months old, these guys show all of the characteristics considered special and wonderful about puppies.  They will play tug-of-war, go bounding after a ball, chew on bones, nip at fuzzy ears and floppy lips, and give chase for hours on end.  When they finally tire out, they’ll curl up for a well-deserved nap, preferably in the nearest warm lap or in a big puppy pile. 

These boys are very well socialized and even though they like to play together, they all seek human companionship and eagerly compete to be the center of attention. All of the boys are making progress in their housetraining, although they are in the very beginning stages at this point.

 Kasey and Kricket are the quiet ones of the bunch and have very similar personalities. They both love to play but are usually the first ones to back down when things get rough. Kricket is curious but cautious, though quick to join in the chase-in-circles game.  Kricket enjoys playing with the herd, but he’s usually one of the first dogs to lose interest in the game and look for a warm lap. Like his littermate Kasey, he’s pretty smart. They both understand that while their siblings are playing silly games, it’s the perfect opportunity to claim their favorite snuggle spots!


Kricket is making great progress in his new foster home, apart from his littermates (after all, four puppies are a lot for one home!). Kricket is a sweet boy and very eager to please.

He enjoys playing with the bigger dogs, with squeaky toys, and with a dirty old tennis ball he found in the yard. He isn't sure that his foster sister means to play tug when she grabs his toy, or sticks her toy in his face, so he hasn't engaged in that game yet. He does like to snuggle and often worms his way right next to his foster mom when everybody is just hanging out. At other times, Kricket can be found at his foster mom's feet or under her chair. Some of this is by design, as Kricket is still learning the house rules and doesn't have complete freedom. He's smart too, and has already learned "crate" and "sit" and is eager to learn more (tricks = treats).

Kricket continues to make strides with housetraining. He piddles outside and runs straight to foster mom for his treat. He's had a couple accidents here, but they are due to somebody not paying attention. He's still learning to give signals other than pacing when he needs to go. He's also VERY curious what's on top of the countertops, but has yet to reap any rewards. Like we said, he's still learning house rules and will quickly learn that checking out the countertops is a no-no.  While he is curious, Kricket does an excellent job of playing with just the dog toys and has not chewed anything inappropriate except the tassels on a throw rug.


Pam Miller is hoping that Kricket finds lots of dog toys and a warm lap for snuggling in his forever home soon!