Adopted: 2010-12-06

Introducing the J litter…Jaxon, Jersey, Joker, and Jordi!  These orange bundles of energy were born on June 26.  At five months old, these guys show all of the characteristics considered special and wonderful about puppies.  They will play tug-of-war, go bounding after a ball, chew on bones, nip at fuzzy ears and floppy lips, and give chase for hours on end.  When they finally tire out, they’ll curl up for a well-deserved nap, preferably in the nearest warm lap or in a big puppy pile. 

 These boys are very well socialized and even though they like to play together, they all seek human companionship and eagerly compete to be the center of attention. All of the boys are making progress in their housetraining, although they are in the very beginning stages at this point.

 Joker fancy himself as the leader of the pack but only gets to keep that honor for short bursts of time.  Although he wants to be in charge of the herd, just like the rest of them, he wants nothing more than to receive human attention and affection.  Joker has a sincere desire to please his foster mom and would rather hang out in the kitchen with her rather than be on the patio deck where he could keep an eye on the birds.  Joker is also most definitely interested in the family cat who he perceives as another one of his litter mates (although the cat isn't normally on board with this).  Joker should be fine in a home with cats; he is mostly curious and playful with them.

UPDATE (12/10)

Thanks again everyone and happy holidays. Joker's new name is Enzo. here are some pictures of him with his new buddy Rhett. And one napping on the floor with Brian. And one of Peggy and Richard the last of the wonderful transport train. Thank you.

UPDATE (4/11)

We wanted to send some updated pics of the boys (Rhett and Enzo). Both are doing well and have adjusted nicely. Enzo is growing up so fast!