Adopted: 2010-12-27


Gunther is one sweet small setter. Weighing in at 40 pounds when he arrived, he has likely put on a couple of pounds since being in his foster home.   He has been a quick learner as he adapts to a busy household full of another setter and 3 young children.  Gunther was a little nervous when he arrived and was pretty unsure of his surroundings being inside a house.  He had a few early accidents but now knows to go out to do his business!  Gunther loves to get attention and was at first climbing on you to ask for it.  We have been working on this behavior for just a few weeks and he is already learning that  he has to sit for attention and loving. He really seems like a smart little boy.  At night Gunther goes right into his crate (next to our bed) and doesn't let out a peep until you are ready to get up.  He is very eager to please.

Gunther has been going to the school bus stop every morning and has become more and more relaxed every day. He walks like a gentleman on the leash, never pulling a bit!  He runs all over the fenced in yard and will stare up a tree for a LONG time looking at a squirrel.  He has not made any attempt to jump the 4ft split rail fence at all.  He is content to stay and play in the yard.  Gunther gets along great with his foster sister setter as long as she doesn't try to steal the food right out of his bowl!  Gunther needs to know his rules and boundaries in the house.  Once he knows the ground rules, he likes to comply as he really just wants love and a lap to snuggle on.  This sweet little boy would love to find his forever home for the holidays!


Jeffrey Headley hopes that Gunther will be snuggling with his forever family very soon!