• Age: 13 yrs.
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Blue
  • Kid Friendly: No
  • Dog Friendly: Unknown
  • Traits: This boy deserves a chance at a new life for his senior days.

Buddy is a 13 year old healthy dog that is laid back and has a nice temperament. Buddy also enjoys being outside, not surprising since he spent his whole life outdoors before coming to ACES. Now Buddy can come in the house as he pleases. At night he is gated in the kitchen and he does well when crated. Buddy has been adjusting well to living indoors and has good manners. He's not afraid of the vacuum, he doesn't jump up on the counters, and he gently takes food from your hand.

Living with other dogs has also been a transition for Buddy. He lives with three other dogs right now and gets along best with the easy-going senior male. Buddy would do best as an only dog in the home or with another laid back dog that is not always in Buddy's space. Buddy is working with a trainer to help him learn how to react when energetic dogs are around.

Buddy doesn't seem very interested in the cat that has little interest him, but will chase the cat that bolts to avoid him. Of course, this is a natural reaction of a bird dog to cats. He could do well with a cat or cats with a gradual introduction. Buddy's adoptive family should be prepared to continue his education, if needed, to help him adjust to indoor living. Buddy would also do well in a calmer environment so a house with no children or older children would be ideal.

With positive reinforcement and training, Buddy is "learning new tricks" that are very different from his hunting dog days. Buddy's theme song should be "Take a Chance on Me." This boy deserves a chance at a new life for his senior days.