Adopted: 2018-11-16

Hi, my name is Zorro! I'm 10 years old and weigh 42 pounds. With my mask, you probably think I am a thief, and I must admit, I will steal your heart. I was also a mighty bird hunter in my day. Now I am retired and live with a foster family where I happily share the couch. That's okay, there is room on the couch for all of us. I love to cuddle and curl up with my foster dad. I still enjoy hunting the birds and squirrels in our backyard. I like living indoors. I am house-trained and will let you know when I want to go out. I have a crate that I retreat to when I want to be left alone or when I am tired of my foster sister.

For an older dog, I do not show my age; my foster mom says I act like a 4-year-old. I am very active around the house, keeping track of Dad, treats and my foster sister. I do have a heart murmur which is being monitored (no treatment needed) and I am being treated and monitored for Glomerulonephritis. My foster family can tell you more about that, just trying to pronounce it is enough for me! I eat special food and take a fish oil pill and aspirin each day. Neither of these conditions slow me down; I have way too much to do in a day.

I am very curious and have found all kind of interesting things in my new house, including the toy box, mom’s knitting and her shoes. Turns out, you can get into a lot of trouble if you chew up mom’s knitting and/or shoes. Lessons learned!

I like playing with toys and am good at tearing up fabric dolls. Told you, there's a lot of play left in me! I like other dogs, even my foster sister (who can be a pain). I really enjoy taking walks with Mom. It gives me a chance to meet everyone else in the neighborhood and catch up with all the people and their dogs.

It was nice talking to you! If you'd like to chat more, I'm available, just ask my foster family!